Simulating Rock and Fluid Physics


dwarf is a novel finite element based simulation tool for rock and fluid physics. It efficiently couples the dominant processes of rock and fluid interaction in the subsurface to provide a better understanding essential for various fields of research and application.

We aim at state of the art performance by using massively parallel technologies and tools such as PETSc and deal.II. At the same time dwarf is designed to work on workstations and laptops as well - giving you just the flexibility you need!


dwarf describes the relevant processes in the subsurface by a system of generally nonlinear partial differential equations. We solve these systems with techniques with the following key features:

  • 2D / 3D Finite Elements

  • Quadrilateral (unstructured) grids

  • Massively parallel

  • Adaptive mesh refinement

  • Iterative nonlinear solver (e.g. Newton-Raphson)

  • Parallel I/O

We provide a range of physical models ready to use for any 2D or 3D simulation. The currently implemented models include:

  • Linear Elasticity

  • Plasticity Models

    • van Mises (J2)

    • Drucker-Prager

    • Mohr-Coulomb

  • Damage mechanics

  • Continuous and Statistical model parameter distribution

Whether you're a student getting a first glimpse at geomechanics and fluid flow or a professional researcher looking for a new simulation tool dwarf might be perfect for you!


coming soon!


dwarf is still a young tool and under constant development. Some of the features that we plan to introduce within the next months are listed below. Many are related to the physics and the solution process like:

  • Multiphase Fluid Flow

  • Heat Transport

whereas others will introduce even more user friendly usage and all-new computational flexibility:

  • Graphical User Interface

  • GPU acceleration support

If you have any wish or need in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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